High voice


Everything Nordic is familiar and inherent to Estonians. The Nordic style is characterised by stockpiling, worrying and responsibility because only those who are prepared and take life seriously can survive the long, cold winter.

Nature is not generous to the Nordic people. That is why the Nordic people have a fighting spirit. They are grateful for the short summer and the limited opportunities to enjoy themselves when it comes.

For this reason, the Nordic people appreciate the pure, crisp beauty of the young maiden even more. The purest expression of this beauty was found in ancient inhabitants who appreciated the power of nature, which determined life and death. Nature determined the length of the winter and the generosity of the summer.


There was something bewitching and powerful in the Nordic maiden’s high voice (hele jaal) which would make the heart of every tough Nordic man tremble in primal silence. Modern Estonian people need to be reminded that hele jaal means ‘high voice’ in the Estonian middle dialect. The Nordic maiden was able to speak to snakes and feel the power of nature. This was the case thousands of years ago and a century and a half ago when Anton Hansen Tammsaare wrote about it in his Truth and Justice pentalogy. And it is still true today. The modern Nordic woman has the same mysterious intuition and power of nature as her ancestors of hundreds and thousands of years ago.

Discovering ancient wisdom within yourself and nature gives people the chance to share in the power and strength which can be completely lost in today’s superficial way of life.