Ointment is a wise choice


Ointment suits the Estonian’s practical mind better than cream

Ointment tends to be undeservedly overshadowed by cream as a skin care product in today’s hurried and superficial world. Salve requires more time and deepening. The peculiarity of natural ointments is the form of a liquid ointment, which can seem incomprehensibly oily. However, the ointment does not inherently contain a large amount of water and is based on fats or, in other words, oils. This means that the user experience is significantly different from creams that are absorbed or instead evaporate quickly from the skin. Instead, the salve stays on the skin, which we think is a good thing. In this way, the effect of the active components on the skin lasts longer and the ointment can be more useful. If it is necessary to start doing something else, we have recommended to wipe off the excess ointment. Another option is to use the ointment in the evening. The ointment is more suitable for caring for a certain area and not for smearing the whole body. However, the created liquid ointment is easier to apply to the skin than the very hard ointment version.

Not everyone may have experience with fat or oil-based ointments on the skin. This is not unprecedented. Now is the best time to remember the truth of beauty care in Asian countries, according to which, to achieve beauty, the face must be cleaned with oil before the other stages of care. Cleansing the skin with oil makes sense because the substances produced naturally by the skin are also based on fats. A water-based cream will not dissolve and clean the fat. With oil, this is possible, and there are facial cleansing oils that can dissolve oil, makeup and dirt. The same can be said about Loodu ointments based on oils, which are able to dissolve sebum, therefore penetrate better into the pores of the skin and get absorbed. Treating the skin with an ointment containing fat does not excessively dry the skin.

In the approach of Asian cosmetics, the so-called Korean skin care, which brought skin oil cleansing to other parts of the world, has stood out especially with oil cleansing. Since fair and flawless skin is prized in Asia, cleansing is important. According to Asian skin care thinking, hydration of the skin layers should be achieved. There, direct beauty products are not as important as products to take care of the good condition of the skin, because if the skin is in good condition, then you don’t need so many direct beauty products.

Ointment is a much older product form than cream. The ointment is more serious, stays longer on the surface of the skin and thus works longer. The cream, unlike the ointment, contains a large amount of water and also has the property of drying quickly. After the water has dried, the skin treated with the cream may be even drier than before. An ointment containing fat rather helps to form a layer on the skin, which holds the skin’s natural moisture under it. So an ointment, not a cream, is recommended, especially for people with dry skin and low level of sebum. Ointment is considered the preferred solution for ulcerated and chapped skin and chapped lips.

In our opinion, salve suits the practical mind of Estonians better than cream. Nordic folk wisdom also knows ointment, not cream. Living in the Nordic countries, ointment has another advantage over cream. If it is cold outside for a large part of the year, wetting exposed skin or lips outside can lead to getting cold and even frostbite. A fat-based ointment does not form ice crystals in cold weather.

Loodu’s ointments contain various natural components of traditional fame as active ingredients, are synthetic-free, do not contain petrochemicals and fragrances.

We believe in nature.


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