Beautifully and conveniently packaged natural products free of synthetic ingredients and inspired by Nordic traditions

What is Loodu?

In Estonian, loodu marks something that has been created. Nature is the creator of most things and is capable of showing the greatest wisdom. Products sold under the Loodu brand rely as much as possible on the wisdom of nature’s creations. Loodu products are nature-friendly and free from man’s excessive creativity and handiwork.


We have chosen the wild boar to symbolise the products which stem directly from nature and carry the Loodu name as we believe that this best represents nature and its power. In particular, we believe in the traditions and wisdom of the ancient Nordic people, the ancestors of Estonians.

For the people living in Nordic countries, especially around the Baltic Sea, the wild boar was a sacred animal whose token was carried around for good health and strength. If we too wish to believe in the things our ancestors deemed sacred and important, we should carry with ourselves a token or product that depicts the wild boar.

Just as the ancient Norse did: carrying good luck runes, wild boar tokens and the like, hiding them under their pillows and drawing them on their war shields. Health and strength are always needed.

“Juniper is a symbol of toughness”

(Eisen or Estonian folklore)

The hedgehog advises: “Hit with an edge!”


All the stars travel around the North Star, the king of the stars.


Do not leave the goods standing for too long.

(King’s mirror – Konungaskuggsja)

Don’t praise the evening before, praise the day’s progress earlier.


Don’t praise the evening before, praise the day’s progress earlier.


Be proactive and diligent.

(Kuningapeegel – Konungaskuggsja)