Meaning of Runes

What do the runes on the packaging mean?

These symbols were used in ancient times to signify good health, luck and other desirable things. People carried rune symbols with them and hid them under their pillows at night so that the events they wished for would become a reality. Among others, there was a symbol which helped you to find a husband. The making of these graphic symbols was common during the Bronze Age among the Karelian people who created symbolic rock drawings. Later on, the Germanic people modelled their rune symbols on more modern alphabets. In Ireland, for instance, the ogham script was developed. Estonians used similar signs on their runic calendars for quite some time by writing the symbols down between horizontal lines.

  • The first symbol above signified prosperity, abundant livestock, fertility, good luck and energy.
  • The second signified fertility and true love.
  • The third signified strength.
  • The fourth signified moving towards your goals.
  • The fifth signified good luck.
  • The sixth signified love.
  • The seventh signified protection.
  • The eighth signified healing.
  • The ninth signified health and vitality.
  • The tenth signified creativity, knowledge and the warmth of fire.

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